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About Us

About Us

Story of VatayanVid

VatayanVid is founded on the simple idea of offering customers not what they want now but what they would need in the future.

With an extensive experience of over a decade in the doors and windows industry across B2B and B2C engagements, we have realised that we need to offer something path-breaking and innovative to stand out. Hence, we have built a brand that brings services that are distinctive and meet global standards. It is powered by our knowledge and expertise and aims to exceed the customers' expectations.

A professional engineering perspective is missing in the door and window industry. While in the automobile, healthcare, or FMCG sectors, an engineering approach is pretty much a norm. So, when we map the customer expectation to the execution journey, we realise that engineering functions are being downplayed and contribute inadequately.

When we refer to “System Companies”, engineering remains confined to only product design, lab testing and product proposal. Whereas for a door and windows B2C brand, the engineering approach is limited to building the brand or its communication. Coming to the Fabrication sector, the presence of engineering is close to nil.

Spotting this gap in the market, we wish to be the catalyst that connects the entire execution value chain with engineering. VatayanVid endeavours to show the importance of product, process and service engineering in this low-involvement category. We are headed in a direction that no one in the market is even thinking about.

“Experience the Engineering” with VatayanVid. Our tagline of “Experience the Engineering” communicates the thought behind the brand and business, which has been instituted to answer a simple question: what is the best solution to address our end-user concerns?